Data Scraping

Proxies are widely used in the data scraping community, however many sites protect themselves from bad actors which can make data scraping much harder, so one of the main solution is the use of proxies which lets you use many IPs to avoid getting blocked.

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The perfect solutions for data scraping

Scalable data scraping

Small to large data scraping operations, try their best to keep their costs down and be as scalable as possible, we have seen this from our first hand experience with large data collection and with many data scraping operations.

What we can offer:

SpeedProxies has a vast proxy pool that can be used for any sort of web scraping operations and still offer high throughput. Any company that requires such on-demand proxy services can easily us, as we can also provide an API to get a full proxy list if needed and other use-case dependent tools to help your web-scraping.